The Library

  • The School library is kept open from 9.30 a.m on all days. Fiction and non-fiction books, reference books of different kinds and popular journal in English, Tamil, Hindi and Arabic are available.
  • Reference books including Dictionaries and Encyclopedias are kept in the library to be read or referred to during the library periods only.
  • After use, books should be replaced carefully in their correct position on the shelves.
  • Personals books, bags etc. should not be taken inside. They should be left on the shelves at the entrance.
  • Student should behave in a dignified manner moving about quietly. Silence should be strictly observed.
  • Students should take care of the library books they use.

Physical Education

Wearing the prescribed Uniform, every student takes an active part in P.T. and play games regularly in the evening. No student is allowed to be inside the dormitories during the games hours.

Educational Tours and picnics

Optional state and National Tours are arranged annually. One day picnic in each term is arranged for boys in all classes.

Co-curricular Activities

In order to provide total education to children, the school organizes different co-curricular activities. They are classified as group A& B and every student from standard VI std. & VII std. should choose one from each group.

  • Group A. : Scouts / guides (std.VI and VII),Science and Maths Club, Junior Red Cross Society, Interact Club, Road Safety Patrol.
  • Group B. : Nature and kindness Club, Reader's Club, Philately Club, Hobbies Club, G.K.Club, Literary Association, Dramatics, Social Service League

House System

  • The school has been divided into four houses for the purpose of providing good civilization training to the students.
  • Each house has a house master, house mistress.
  • All competitions – cultural, sports and academics are conducted on house basis.
  • Every student is given an opportunity to bring out the best in him /her.
  • Each house conducts periodically group competition to identify the talents, the children possess and they are given special facilities for future development.

Hostel Rules

Turnout, Orderliness, Cleanness and Safe-Keeping of personal belongings

  • Boy’s turnout at all times must be smart and tidy.
  • Students should keep their beds, cup-boards, etc., spick and span. Books, clothes etc., should be kept in apple-pie order.
  • Students are not allowed to have gold rings, costly watches, cell phones and other costly things. No students should keep more than Rs. 50/- with him at any time. The excess money should be deposited in the office.
  • Boys are to keep their dormitories and the surroundings neat & clean.
  • Arrangements of dirty cloths:
    •  The students are strictly informed to keep their dirty clothes in the stipulated dirty bin.
    •   The student should not scatter away their clothes where ever they like.


Every student should occupy only that portion of the dormitory which is allotted to him. Each portion should be regarded as private and no other boy should enter there. If necessary he should get permission to enter from the Resident tutor concerned.


Students are to be punctual for all activities late - coming is strictly for bidden.

Study Hours

Students shall have their study hours from 6.20am to 7. 20 Am., from 6.45 pm to 8.00 pm and from 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm (senior boys only) students of stds from I to XII however, Should retire to bed after 10.00 pm.

Objectionable Behavior & Practices
  1. No student should make indecent noise of any kind inside the dormitory or in the mess.
  2. During study hours, students shall not talk or run about or read aloud in the dormitory. Doubts may be cleared with the teachers concerned. However group discussions are allowed during II study hour.
  3. The use of any electrical & electronic appliances is not allowed.
  4. Student should not carry on any conversation or indulge in any discussion or make any noise after the lights are switched off at night.
  5. Boys are not allowed to use cell phones.
  6. Teasing other boys, fighting & ragging are strictly forbidden.
  7. Boys are not allowed to leave the campus without permission. Boys indulging in such practices will be dismissed from the school.

Further the school is not responsible for any mishap that may arise out of this violation of rule.


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